Design/ Motion Graphics
This is a personal project. It is the first in a series of kaleidoscopic video collages that deal with the results from popular image searches. The process by which the collages come together is by selecting a popular image search topic made up of three words and from that single search pulling images. The images are then cut out, overlapped and animated in the collage and released back into the internet as a video kaleidoscope. The idea is to see if these new images become part of the search results they originally came from. Thus creating a conceptual feedback or an infinite reflection of themselves
Production still from animation 
"Great White" Detail
Detail from "Polar Bear" sub-comp
Within each composition there in an image that has been multiplied and overlapped exponentially over time to generate the images and movement. Here we s the Polar bear Composition
Detail from "Eagle" sub-comp
By exponentially multiplying the distance, size, rotation and spacing of each individual image and multiply it by the one before it; I was able to achieve a series of shapes made from a single original image and altered by it's reflections.
Detail from "Butterfly" sub-comp
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