Creative Directing / Design / Motion Graphics
The Spot was a three week activation campaign to connect consumers to Latin music and culture. Conceived by Heineken and Remezcla, The Spot was a unique space for inspiration and creation the likes of which has never been offered to the public. With a lineup of groundbreaking artists performing for free, it was the Latin cultural event of the Summer. The Space was outfitted with wall to wall video screens, and live video projections during the shows. The artists performed for three weeks drawing people from all over the country. Multimedia, Arts and music merged to create a unique festival experience in the heart of new york. Here Heineken was introduced not just as a product but as a channel to an incredible cultural experience. Below are different examples of some of the materials I created for the festiva. This ranges from motion graphics to posters and wallpaper to promotional videos and online extensions which I produced.
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